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Venice Florida Wills, Trust, Estate, and Medicaid Planning

Rheingans Law, P.A. is  here to assist clients in planning for their legacy and protecting their assets for the next generation.   We accomplish this mission each day through our core values of:

  • Expert legal advice and representation.

  • Exceptional client service and responsiveness.

  • Empathy with our clients and their loved ones.

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Our Estate Planning services include developing a personalized estate plan, implementing and updating the plan and handling all trust and estate probate administrations. Our goal is to take the strain off you and your family.

We strive to provide our clients with the security and peace of mind that comes from knowing their estate plan is in proper order and that our team of friendly professionals is always ready to help their family in times of need.

A holistic approach to assisting the elderly with their legal needs...

The legal process of formulating and implementing a plan to manage your assets upon your death or incapacity...

The court-supervised transfer of assets to a descendant's heirs and benificiaries after payment creditors...

Medicaid is a federal program which is administered by each of the States. Therefore, there are differing laws and regulations pertaining to each program in each state.

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Our Medicaid Planning services for securing long term care benefits include:

An analysis and review of your current income and assets and explaining how it relates to obtaining eligibility for Medicaid benefits for nursing home care.

The preparation of a written plan to establish your eligibility Counseling on the various appropriate legal vehicles and tools available to you to use to establish eligibility.

Implementation of the plan to establish your eligibility Preparation and filing a Medicaid application (Request for Assistance) and ancillary documents needed for the application Representation to obtain Medicaid, including perfecting the application.

Attendance at all meetings with the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), acting as your liaison to DCF and responding to additional requests for information from DCF, and representation at Fair Hearings, if necessary, to appeal adverse decisions of caseworkers.

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