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State of Florida:  (Florida Bar) (Real Estate, Probate, Trust Law Section of Florida Bar) (12th Judicial Circuit:   Manatee, Sarasota and DeSoto counties) (Florida 2nd District Court of Appeal:  includes 12th Judicial Circuit)

Sarasota County Courts: (Sarasota County Government)  (Sarasota Clerk of Courts) (Sarasota Property Appraiser) (Sarasota County Tax Collector) (Sarasota County School System) (City of Sarasota Government) (City of Venice Government) (City of North Port Government)

Charlotte County (Charlotte County Government) (Charlotte County Clerk) (Charlotte County Property Appraiser) (Charlotte County Tax Collector)

Other Resources: (National Association of Elder Law Attorneys ) (Wall Street Journal) (Sarasota Herald Tribune)