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8 Handy Home Fixes for Seniors to Prepare for Hurricane Season

hurricane radar

Beginning every June, the six-month Atlantic hurricane season kicks off with many

people going about their affairs as if nothing has changed. But with these

devastating super-storms lurking unpredictably, why not be as prepared as possible

for when a hurricane – or two – could be headed for your area of Florida?

When it comes to staying safe for you and your senior loved ones, preparation is

key. Whether it is planning for potential long-term care needs or creating Florida

estate planning, there are steps that each of us should take to remain safe. In fact,

preparation is all the more important for senior citizens and aging adults who may

be less able to fight crowds in search of last minute supplies at grocery and

hardware stores or evacuate effectively.

Let us share a few tips on how you, a senior, or your senior loved ones can prep to

ensure your home is as safe as possible in advance of hurricane season. Bear in

mind, we realize that many of these safety fixes may require help from family

members, neighbors or professionals.

1. Check the risk management level for your neighborhood with emergency

management services for your city or county.

2. Consider adding slide locks to the top and bottom of doors that lead to the

outside of your home.

3. Where necessary, install permanent storm shutters that can be easily opened

and closed, and store extra one-half inch plywood pre-cut to fit your


4. Install rain gutters if you don’t have them. If you do, have them checked, re-

secured if needed, and un-clogged to prevent flooding and unnecessary

pressure water pressure damage.

5. Identify trees that may be vulnerable to falling during high winds and

excessive ground saturation. Have branches cut that may be hanging over

your home, and select trees that are not subject to uprooting when replacing

damaged ones. Asking a gardening or landscaping professional can be a

great place to start when making these decisions.

6. Make sure to come up with a plan to store lawn furniture, yard items, and

trash cans so that they don’t become deadly flying objects during hurricane

force winds. Keep them away from stairways and exits.

7. Check the stability of your garage door. Strengthen garage doors to improve

protection from high winds and flying debris.

8. Make sure the sheathing on your roof is in decent shape and properly

installed. This will keep water from seeping inside.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – especially when it comes to

emergencies. With more than 5.2 million seniors living in hurricane-prone Florida

alone, being prepared is the best way to deal with them. Securing your home ahead

of time can make an enormous difference in the ability to cope with accompanying

heavy rains, high winds and flooding. Do not wait to plan ahead for the

future! Contact us with your questions so we are able to help you.


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