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National Elder Law Month Helps Seniors to Stay Engaged in their Communities

elder couple

Every May is both National Older Americans Month and National Elder Law

Month. While the former was established in 1963, the latter was created more

recently to focus on the elder care needs of seniors and people with disabilities. This

is a special time of year to honor and celebrate one of the most important groups in

the country, and deservedly so, as older adults are too often overlooked in today’s

fast-paced society.

The month-long celebration also involves raising awareness about critical issues

facing American seniors. One of the biggest challenges is when Older Americans no

longer feel as useful in their advanced age as they did when they were

younger. Studies show that health outcomes and quality of life standards diminish

significantly when seniors give into their perceived limitations, becoming more

isolated and less engaged in the lives of others.

During the month of May we need to make combating this problem a priority by

promoting a wide array of opportunities and resources to help older adults

rediscover their talents and abilities, as well as putting them to good use. Adult

children of senior parents can play a critical role by helping to connect them.

Let us share just some of the available resources National Elder Law Month and

National Older Americans Month are bringing together.


Organizations like Create the Good help older adults find volunteer opportunities

that match their particular interests. Programs like Senior Corps not only provide

opportunities for older volunteers, but it does so by addressing important needs in

their own communities, such as tutoring, mentoring, and disaster relief.

Teaching Children to Read

One of the most rewarding ways seniors can stay active is by helping younger

people. Experience Corps trains and connects seniors with children who need help

learning to read.

Fighting Hunger

Even in our modern, affluent society there are plenty of people who struggle with

hunger. Feeding America is a program that puts senior adults in touch with food

banks and meal programs to serve the hungry in their local areas.

Training for Paid Work

The U.S. Department of Labor provides a community service employment

program for older adults, and the AARP further provides support for seniors who

wish to re-enter the workforce or change their careers.

These are just a few of the resources we want to share with you this May.

Remember, there is never a wrong time to get involved or find the support you

need. Do not wait to reach out to our office for elder care help for you or an Older

American in your life.


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